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problem with web site http://packages.debian.org/

there is an issue with one of my packages with the displayed description.


It displays:

Binary utilities supporting TI's MSP430 targets

Package: biomaj (1.1.0-3)

The programs in this package are used to manipulate binary and object files that may have been created for TI's MSP430 architecture. This package is primarily intended for MSP430 developers and cross-compilers.


Though, the description is not at all the correct one . The problem occured after my package update from 1.1.0-2 to 1.1.0-3. Previous one was correct.

Sometimes, after forcing a refresh in my navigator, the web site shows me the "old" version 1.1.0-2.....(with the correct description), even though the version 1.1.0-3 is present (http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/pool/main/b/biomaj/). Maybe a mirroring issue?

I checked my description in control file and it is correct (I downloaded the file from debian ftp site to be sure)

Can someone drive me to the correct person to contact?



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