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libdbi maintainership needs help


Over the years, I've uploaded and maintained too many packages in
Debian. This has been really highlighted with the disaster that just
happened with libdbi. Not only I failed to maintain it correctly before
Squeeze was out (the current package in Stable isn't in good shape), but
also in SID, it's in a bad state, and it has been like that for months,
and I didn't work with the release team correctly to make a good
transition for it (even though I had put some efforts on the package
previously, noticeably last autumn, where I manage to work out the test
system for libdbi-drivers).

These last 2 days, I went on IRC, and found multiple persons not happy
with my work on libdbi. And I has the worst reaction that one could
have. Instead of taking my time to do it well, I tried to go from one
fire to another, and did even more bad work, resulting in a very sad bug
report that had to be reopened 3 or 4 times, because I failed to check
for it correctly. I tried to fix fast, and uploaded something that
wasn't the correct fix, doing it over my phone, while doing some
important real life stuff, thinking that it would be ok. That is *not*
how I should do (and I know I can do better work), I do realize it.

All this wouldn't have so much impact if libdbi wasn't a so important
library in the archive. But if you look at the popcon stats, it is
installed by really a lot of users, and it has few reverse-dependencies.

Now, I do realize the mistakes above, and I don't want this to happen
again, as I do feel like I'm hurting Debian. Also, I think I have other
areas where I can help better, especially because I don't use libdbi.

- I'd be glad if someone could take over the maintainership of libdbi
- I'd be glad if I could still help with it, because I might have time
later on (but just not right now), so one or 2 co-maintainer would be great.
- If I find nobody to help within few days/weeks, I'll simply file an
RFA, because I don't want to take the responsibility for this mess alone

I sincerely hope I didn't hurt too many users of libdbi/debian with this
bad work, and that a solution for this package will be found quickly,
with others working on it.

If you want to work on libdbi, please get in touch.

My sincere apologies for the mess,

Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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