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Please keep mobile-broadband-provider-info (and other similar packages) updated in stable

Debian package mobile-broadband-provider-info contains database of mobile broadband
service providers
It would be good to keep these kind of packages current in Debian stable,
I think it satisfies some criteria for squeeze-updates suite ( copied from
http://www.debian.org/News/2011/20110215 ) 

This suite will contain updates that satisfy one of the following criteria:
    * The update is urgent and not of a security nature. Security updates
      will continue to be pushed through the security archive. Examples
      include packages broken by the flow of time (c.f. spamassassin and the
      year 2010 problem) and fixes for bugs introduced by point releases.
    * The package in question is a data package and the data must be updated
      in a timely manner (e.g. tzdata).
    * Fixes to leaf packages that were broken by external changes (e.g.
      video downloading tools and tor).
    * Packages that need to be current to be useful (e.g. clamav).

Alternately point releases can be used for this.
Backporting these kind of packages shouldn't be necessary.

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