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Multiarch and D-Bus

Le lundi 27 juin 2011 à 11:54 +0100, Steve Langasek a écrit : 
> It is with excitement and trepidation that I write to you today about the
> status of multiarch support in Debian.

A big thank you to all of those who finally made this possible.

Before we start to work on some packages, I’d like to ask if someone has
checked whether D-Bus is multiarch-safe. Said otherwise, is it possible
to use a D-Bus interface over another architecture? From my limited
D-Bus knowledge I think it should be safe, but if there are some caveats
it’s better to know right now.

Obvious candidates for multiarchification are atk/at-spi2 for a11y,
gio/gvfs for remote filesystem access and gsettings/dconf for
application settings. Each of them will probably require a split between
Multiarch:same and Multiarch:foreign components.

The same question holds for CORBA, but if we can get rid of at-spi and
have GConf ported to D-Bus before the wheezy release, I’m not sure it’s
worth an investigation.

 .''`.      Josselin Mouette
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