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Re: kernel module i915 - 3d-acceleration missing after update

Hans-J. Ullrich <hans.ullrich@loop.de> (18/06/2011):
> Yes, it is userspace. Pity I don't have the logs any more (Xorg.log.0), where 
> the error was shown. It showed me, that the *_dri.so could not found (so GLX 
> could not be started). They originally reside below /usr/lib/dri/, but the 
> driver search them below /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/dri/, which was not existent.

Sorry for insisting, but you really should read what I linked you to,
that explains what happened, why, etc.

> So, there is either a problem with the kernel-module, or some other thing 
> accidently deleted (or did not create!) i386-linux-gnu/dri below /usr/lib.

No, this has nothing to do with kernel modules. This is about userspace
shared objects. Libraries, if you prefer.

> Hope, this makes it clearer. :)

That you didn't read, yes. :(


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