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Bug#630870: ITP: libcgi-application-plugin-autorunmode-perl -- CGI::App plugin to automatically register runmodes

Package: wnpp
Owner: Nicholas Bamber <nicholas@periapt.co.uk>
Severity: wishlist
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-devel@lists.debian.org,debian-perl@lists.debian.org

* Package name    : libcgi-application-plugin-autorunmode-perl
  Version         : 0.18
  Upstream Author : Thilo Planz, <thilo@cpan.org>
* URL             :
* License         : Perl
  Programming Lang: Perl
  Description     : CGI::App plugin to automatically register runmodes

This package is being split out from its current bundle package.

The CGI::Application::Plugin::AutoRunmode plugin for CGI::Application
provides easy ways to setup run modes. You can just write the method that
implements a run mode. You do not have to explicitly register it with
CGI::Application anymore.

You can either flag methods in your CGI::App subclass with the "Runmode" or
"StartRunmode" attributes or simply declare that every method in a class
is a
run mode. You can also assign a delegate object, all whose methods will
become runmodes. You can also mix both approaches.

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