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Re: packaging-dev 0.1 in unstable

imho it should depend on Lucas's packaging-tutorial and then

apt-get install packaging-dev
okular /usr/share/doc/packaging-tutorial/packaging-tutorial.pdf

NB could anyone remind me what is that generic dispatcher to display
   various files?  I remember there is something but shame on me, can't

On Fri, 17 Jun 2011, Peter Samuelson wrote:

> > packaging-dev 0.1 is now available in Debian unstable. If you think that
> > it misses a dependency or recommends, file a bug or discuss it on this
> > mailing list. I like to see these kind of discussions:

> > A: I am new to packaging. How do I get started?
> > B: Install packaging-dev and then ...!

> More power to you and your users, but if you're _truly_ new to Debian
> packaging, installing the appropriate packges is the very very very
> very very least of your concerns.  I would see a "Install packaging-dev
> and then..." answer as equivalent to those tutorials that tell you to
> "./configure && make && sudo make install" as a single line to paste
> into your shell.  Sure, when it works it works, but if the goal is to
> convey any sort of understanding of what one is doing ... it really
> doesn't.  Better, IMO, to know what tools you need and why, not just
> "install packaging-dev".
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