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Re: distinguish between "core" and "main"?

Hi Ha

On Fri, 10 Jun 2011 07:24:38 +0200, Harald Dunkel <harri@afaics.de> wrote:
> > It's kind of like asking for walls separate from your house.
> > 
> Its more like keeping the basement stable, while building new
> walls on top of it.

Yes, it's exactly like that -- and you're just like the sort of DIY
builder who confidently goes ahead and moves the load bearing walls in
his house, despite the fact that various professional builders have
all quoted rather a lot of money for the job -- but that's because they
know that you need to make sure that the basement is not going to
collapse, and it's not just a case of upgrading the basement layout in
one step, because of course you need to support the old load bearing
walls during the procedure, so you end up with a basement full of RSJs
and props, which means that it's not so great as a basement any more.

You on the other hand get to come home to a big hole in the ground.

Can we stop this nonsense now?

Cheers, Phil.
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