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Please reconsider public vcs naming on alioth

If I have to guess what git.someorg.tld is, I'd guess one of
the following (in this order):

- a host offering git:// protocoll
- a host offering public access to git repositories over http://
- a host offering a web view of git repositories.

With the new alioth setup all those three are the same host as
far as I do understand it, to it is utterly unintuitive to have
none of those functions under the name git.debian.org but instead
the host storing the data and offering ssh access. [1]

With all due respect to the great work you do maintaining alioth
and understanding that after such a big transition it can be
annoying to have to change things again I really want to urge
you to change that again.

Not changing it now most likely means Debian is stuck for a very
long time with this extremly confusing host naming.

On the plus side changing it now would also mean all the other DDs
would not need to change all the package control files and all the
documentation and links to the repositories, so if there is anything
I can do to make this switch easier for you let me know.

Please, please, please,

	Bernhard R. Link

[1] It feels like www.debian.org being the host running wml,
while http would be redirected to some anonwww.debian.org
serving the pages.

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