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Re: Packaging cups with cdbs

Hi Laszlo,

On 11-05-24 at 07:08pm, Laszlo Papp wrote:
> I have tried to use the debian/rules that you can see below. My 
> concern is that I would like to make a test package (for maemo, but 
> actually should also work for debian) in case of using upstart for 
> init functionalities.
> The problem is that if I try to use a debian/cups.upstart file for
> that purpose, it seems to be hard coded. It installs the upstart job
> into the /etc/init/ and I cannot customize that path, for instance to
> /etc/init/apps/ as I would like to have it. I tried to set the
> "--onlyscripts" option in order to hope that it does not generate any
> init script/job inside the package and I could just make a workaround
> by using postinst.
> Other option is to change the whole packaging to "dh" usage. However
> if I could just bypass the systemv init script and/or hard coded
> upstart job installation, it would be easier for me because I am not a
> packager. =)

Not quite sure what is the central issue of yours here.

CDBS is *not* a tool for beginners to do packaging blind-folded!

I believe (and hope) same is true for short-form dh.

CDBS use (long-form) debhelper tools.  If you experience a sensible 
use-case impossible or awkward to express using CDBS, then please do 
contact us at the [CDBS mailinglist] or file a bugreport against it.

[CDBS mailinglist]: 

If you know what you are doing but believe there is an issue more 
enerally with how Debian (and debhelper and CDBS) deals with upstart, 
then please isolate the problematic long-form debhelper command instead 
of convoluting in some more specific packaging style.

If you need help packaging in general, then perhaps debian-users or 
debian-mentors are more appropriate than this list.

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

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