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Re: Sponsorship in Debian (Re: Ubuntu-originated packages in Debian (Re: ubuntu keyring?))

Arno Töll wrote:
> What are alternatives though, if no one else feels sympathy for your
> problems and your former sponsors don't react? Again, my case: I'd love
> to improve my package's quality (i.e. upload new upstream releases, fix
> bugs, port new architectures), in fact I did all of that. I just can't
> spread my improvements, as I can't upload, so I spend my time updating
> my package on mentors /while/ being in seek for sponsors and waiting to
> someone pushing it to the archive.

You appear to be a perfectly fine candidate to be a DM; you have
actively maintained packages in the archive; you are actively
involved with and sending improvements upstream; your package
is well put together[1].

When I was maintaining the DM keyring, I would not hesitate to add
someone like you to it, as long as they had the required DD signature of
their gpg key. (I can't find your key on the keyservers to check it.)

Could it be that the DM process has accreted enough baggage that it is
putting off contributors like yourself? I see in the wiki page
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMaintainer some quite strongly worded
discouraging language[2], although it's not very clear if that is
wikicruft or normative requirements. This would not be too surprising;
presumably the same forces act on the DM process that act on the NM

> > I won't return to sponsoring until I am reasonably confident that I can
> > allocate enough time to a particular set of packages and their
> > maintainer(s) to get each of those maintainers through NM (or DM but
> > I'm less keen on DM personally).
> Unfortunately this is what most DDs seem to think.

Personally, I'm much more interested in sponsoring people whose packages
have DM-Upload-Allowed; I prefer not to set up a cycle of busywork for

see shy jo

[1] Although the comment in xndb debian/rules about DH_OPTIONS
    needing to be exported seems wrong AFAICS.
[2] > is there something special the candidate has done, or is it that
    > whatever the candidate is working on is particularly important, or is
    > the candidate remarkably consistent, or what?
    > What has the candidate actually done that has earned your trust?
    > What makes the candidate special compared to the other folks who are
    > helping Debian? What in particular about the candidate's work should
    > people lurking on the Debian lists be trying to emulate if they want
    > to be a Debian Maintainer or a Debian Developer?

    > has the candidate been particularly helpful supporting users?

    This is a long way from the originally voted on requirement that a DM
    be "technically competent and good to work with".

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