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Re: a few packages for adoption

On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 7:44 PM, Jay Berkenbilt <qjb@debian.org> wrote:
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> Please reply to me directly (or CC me on replies) as I am not
> currently subscribed to debian-devel.
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> I recently became a father of twins and, as such, have less time to work
> on packages than I used to.  While I do plan on keeping some of my
> packages, there are others I'm interested in finding new maintainers
> for, if anyone is interested:
>  * ICU:  This is ICU4C.  I sent another (lengthy) message about it.
>  * xerces-c, xerces-c2: These are two versions of Xerces-C
>   (http://xerces.apache.org).  These are generally pretty low effort to
>   maintain, and upstream is helpful and responsive.  xerces-c2 is an
>   older version that is no longer really being maintained, and
>   backporting security fixes to it can be very hard, but so far, there
>   hasn't been anything major.  xerces-c is the 3.x series and is
>   actively maintained upstream.  Note that xerces-c2 has an orphaned
>   reverse dependency (xalan), which you may occasionally need to NMU,
>   though I think I only had to do that one time.
>  * libxml-xerces-perl: This is a Xerces-p, a perl interface to
>   Xerces-c.  As far as I can tell, it is dead upstream, and there are
>   better alternatives.  At one time, it was the only perl module
>   capable of doing XML validation with both DTD and schema support and
>   with the capability of providing values for default attributes when
>   doing validation, but I haven't actually tried to determine whether
>   that's true for about six or seven years.  If no one wants this, I
>   may orphan it or request removal.
>  * psutils: This is a collection of tools including psnup and ps2ps.
>   They are pretty popular, but the project has been dead upstream for a
>   while.  psutils is part of all the major distributions, and we all
>   have various patches.  I put some effort into trying to synchronize
>   with other distributions a while ago.  Our psutils package includes a
>   few other tools that are not strictly part of the upstream
>   distribution, and every now and then, someone posts a bug report
>   asking for some additional utility to be added.  Some of the time,
>   there's a licensing reason or some other reason why it won't work out
>   (so you have to be careful when analyzing these requests), but every
>   now and then it works out.

I could take care if you sponsor me.


> I'll wait a few days to give people a chance to reply.  For the xerces
> packages, I'd probably give preference to the debian SGML/XML group or
> to other groups maintaining stuff from apache.
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> Jay Berkenbilt <qjb@debian.org>
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