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a few packages for adoption


Please reply to me directly (or CC me on replies) as I am not
currently subscribed to debian-devel.


I recently became a father of twins and, as such, have less time to work
on packages than I used to.  While I do plan on keeping some of my
packages, there are others I'm interested in finding new maintainers
for, if anyone is interested:

 * ICU:  This is ICU4C.  I sent another (lengthy) message about it.

 * xerces-c, xerces-c2: These are two versions of Xerces-C
   (http://xerces.apache.org).  These are generally pretty low effort to
   maintain, and upstream is helpful and responsive.  xerces-c2 is an
   older version that is no longer really being maintained, and
   backporting security fixes to it can be very hard, but so far, there
   hasn't been anything major.  xerces-c is the 3.x series and is
   actively maintained upstream.  Note that xerces-c2 has an orphaned
   reverse dependency (xalan), which you may occasionally need to NMU,
   though I think I only had to do that one time.

 * libxml-xerces-perl: This is a Xerces-p, a perl interface to
   Xerces-c.  As far as I can tell, it is dead upstream, and there are
   better alternatives.  At one time, it was the only perl module
   capable of doing XML validation with both DTD and schema support and
   with the capability of providing values for default attributes when
   doing validation, but I haven't actually tried to determine whether
   that's true for about six or seven years.  If no one wants this, I
   may orphan it or request removal.

 * psutils: This is a collection of tools including psnup and ps2ps.
   They are pretty popular, but the project has been dead upstream for a
   while.  psutils is part of all the major distributions, and we all
   have various patches.  I put some effort into trying to synchronize
   with other distributions a while ago.  Our psutils package includes a
   few other tools that are not strictly part of the upstream
   distribution, and every now and then, someone posts a bug report
   asking for some additional utility to be added.  Some of the time,
   there's a licensing reason or some other reason why it won't work out
   (so you have to be careful when analyzing these requests), but every
   now and then it works out.

I'll wait a few days to give people a chance to reply.  For the xerces
packages, I'd probably give preference to the debian SGML/XML group or
to other groups maintaining stuff from apache.

Jay Berkenbilt <qjb@debian.org>

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