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Re: glibc: causes segfault in Xorg

Le mercredi 04 mai 2011 à 14:58 +0100, Jon Dowland a écrit : 
> > So it's best if you consider unstable always in production-mode by default.
> I disagree with this.  We expect *our* users of sid to use things like
> apt-listbugs and to be wary of blindly upgrading.  I think we should hold
> downstream distributions to higher standards.  If a downstream distribution
> blindly accepts a libc from sid and it doesn't do what they want, imho that's
> their fault.  Especially with a core package.
> I'm concerned that this attitude, if adopted elsewhere, would paralyze Debian
> development, for fear of inconveniencing other distributions.

The point is not to paralyze Debian development, but you should never
upload to unstable a package that you *know* is broken. Uploading to
unstable means “this should be good enough for a stable release, but it
hasn’t been tested against the rest of the distribution”.

We usually don’t upload upstream development releases to unstable, yet I
don’t see this as “paralyzing Debian development”.

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