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Re: A concrete proposal for rolling implementation


(you already know, but let's state that on dd@ too)

Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> (04/05/2011):
> during the recent discussions about rolling, a proposal was made in
> a blog comment, and after giving it some quick thoughts, most people
> I’ve talked with seem to think it is a good idea, so it’s time for
> it to be discussed at large.
> It starts from the following fact: if you want a testing system that
> works correctly, you usually have to add APT lines for unstable,
> while pinning them to only install specific packages you need to
> unbreak what’s broken in unstable.

your proposal certainly makes a lot of sense. Having to quick-fetch
packages from unstable to avoid long-term breakages seems to be the
major issue for prospective testing users, and “automating” (whatever
the details) that pinning seems like an easy and non-disruptive (as
far as the testing process is concerned -- AFAICT, IMVHO, etc.) way
to fix that major usability issue.

Thank you for coming with that concrete proposal.


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