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Re: A concrete proposal for rolling implementation

Piotr Ożarowski dijo [Wed, May 04, 2011 at 03:22:07PM +0200]:
> [Josselin Mouette, 2011-05-04]
> > This would be a pseudo-suite, like experimental. Except that while
> > experimental is built on top of unstable and filled manually by
> > maintainers, rolling would be built on top of testing and filled
> > semi-automatically. A rolling system would have typically 2 APT lines:
> > one for testing and one for rolling.
> +1

I'll also state it: Josselin's proposal looks very interesting, simple
and compatible with what we have now!

> [...]
> >   What to do during freezes
> >   -------------------------
> > I’m not sure we really need to do something different in times of
> > freeze. Our time would be better spent by reducing the freeze time and
> > making it more predictable; squeeze has been an awesome step in this
> > direction.
> I'm not interested in helping f.e. with Perl bugs so once the ones
> I care about are fixed, I just want to focus on Sid (i.e. upload new
> upstream versions, prepare new transitions etc.) - I can wait a month or
> two, but these long freezes demotivate me a lot.

For many bugs, it's not only that I'm not interested, but I'm also
disqualified. Of course, a long freeze can be demotivating, and it can
also cause a spike of work when we reopen unstable for "anything goes"

In my case, I used this last freeze to redo the packaging for one of
my complex packages, and kept up-to-date with upstream via
experimental - So I was breaking stuff and keeping up to date at the
same time. It cannot always work like this, of course, I'm just
mentioning a way to keep the fun flowing while in freeze.

Now, long freezes are complicated, true. But I don't think keeping
unstable disconnected from (frozen|testing) will really help us. If
all uploads during the freeze have to go through t-p-u, we will lose a
bit of what gives coherence to the whole system.

I feel, as many others have stated, that the Squeeze release cycle was
quite a successful one, even with some erupting flames here and
there... Probably we should focus more on keeping the bug count lower
during the non-freezing period? That should surely lead to a shorter
freeze period.

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