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Re: glibc: causes segfault in Xorg

Le 04/05/2011 11:48, Raphael Hertzog a écrit :
> On Wed, 04 May 2011, Adam Borowski wrote:
>> I'd instead propose to sacrifice a tiny amount of cycles to check for
>> overlapping and abort()ing so buggy code can be fixed.  Random instability
>> is the worst kind of error, a clean crash is easy to fix.  Heck, we can even
>> make a change just before wheezy is frozen to make it call memmove() when a
>> breakage is detected.  Just please don't paper over the bugs until then.
> While I can sympathize with this (it's what I want as a developer), it's
> certainly not a good idea in Debian in general: we have many derivatives
> taking unstable/testing at various points in time, and we also want to
> make testing generally usable by end-users.
> So it's best if you consider unstable always in production-mode by
> default.

So how do you plan to detect bugs if you never enable a feature?

Don't answer me "experimental", this is enabled in experimental for over
a month, and AFAIK it is also enabled in the latest Ubuntu release.

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