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Re: Reporting same bug in different packages

schrieb Patrick Strasser am 2011-05-02 19:20:

>> I want to report a bug, which occurs in two packages (okular, xpdf)
>> exactly the same way. It's a problem with rendering PDFs.
>> What would be the right way:
>> * File two bugs and refer to each other in a additional message
>> * File one bug and refer to the second package

Thank you for the detailed answers! I found several other viewers with
the same problem,  so I'll file the bug under libpoppler5 and leave it
to the experts to find the right assignment.

> This works if it is for both okular and xpdf and bug resides in both of
> them.  Do you see thae same in evince?

Evince and some others works fine, details in the bug report.

>> If d.devel.general is the wrong group [...]

> http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting states that “If you are unable to
> determine which package your bug report should be filed against, please
> send e-mail to the Debian user mailing list [0] asking for advice.”, and
> the translation of this page may point the user to a localized list.

Thanks, I read the guide, but missed that. Next time I know it ;-)

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