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* Stéphane Glondu (glondu@debian.org) [110501 18:24]:
> Le 01/05/2011 17:16, Andreas Barth a écrit :
> > Well yes, but how many autobuilding suites should we add? 50? 100?
> > 200? How do we do key management so that we know that the autobuilder
> > build the packages that they should?
> Why would we need more suites?
> I was thinking of a request that would include a base suite (e.g.
> squeeze, wheezy, or sid), files to drop in /etc/apt/sources.list.d (and
> /etc/apt/preferences.d), and the key used to sign unofficial
> repositories. Of course, the request itself would be signed (like
> *.changes or *.commands files on ftp-master). Then a buildd accepting a
> job would add the key with apt-key, drop the files in /etc/apt, upgrade
> and launch the build as usual... the whole thing done in a throw-away
> chroot, obviously (I use cowbuilder myself for that, but I heard that
> sbuild had support for LVM snapshots).

The source code of wanna-build and sbuild is available via git. Feel
free to code the necessary enhancements.

However, that's only a part of the answer: If you compare with the
starting mail of this sub-thread, there are quite much more things
than just "how can maintainers rebuild a package". And I think that
these do make things really helpful.


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