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Re: Crypto consolidation in debian ?

Roger Leigh <rleigh@codelibre.net> writes:

> This is the root cause, I think.  libgcrypt was developed as part of
> gnutls, and although it's a separate library, it's insufficiently
> generalised.  It's implicitly doing things the way gnutls wanted them
> doing, and rather than making the library completely general and
> moving special case logic into the callers (or only doing it upon
> specific request), we're in the situation we have now: breakage.

Libgcrypt was designed for GnuPG, not GnuTLS.  Btw, for these and other
reasons, recent versions of GnuTLS support the GNU Nettle backend as
well as Libgcrypt.  It would be great if Debian could move to it,
although GNU Nettle depends on GMP which is LGPLv3+.


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