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Re: wanna-build / how to sort packages on buildds?

* Roger Leigh (rleigh@codelibre.net) [110501 12:02]:
> I just wanted to add that if you would like more statistics reporting
> for this purpose, I'll be happy to add that to sbuild.

I only worry about the ~20-40 packages that are currently sitting in
some no_auto_build on the buildds. Not more but also not less.

I could easily write a file with
buildd-name: "gcc-4.5", "gcc-snapshot", "gmic", "imagemagick",
    "qt4-x11", "ghc", # at least 1g
    "more packages", # fpu-emulation is too slow

but I consider that too ugly.

> Currently we
> only really report build time and disc space.  If you want additional
> data such as number of cores used, memory/swap usage and other resource
> usage, I'll be happy to add them to the sbuild summary stats.  Actually
> measuring those might be a bit trickier though, especially on machines
> running parallel builds.

Thanks for the offer.


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