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Re: Bits from the Release Team - Kicking off Wheezy

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> If the release team is open to try this out, I'm volunteering
> to help implement this (i.e. at the very least managing transitions
> while the rest of the release team is concentrated on patch review for
> finalizing the stable release). I'am also happy to invest some effort
> on updating our infrastructure to cope better with some of the problems
> that we will face. And also on writing documentation to make it easier
> to recruit new volunteers.


I don't think that the release team (nor the rest of project) need to be
involved at this point (other than to be kept informed).

You're certainly free to create an unofficial rolling.debian.net right
now, set up new rolling-testing and rolling-unstable distributions with
your own choice of transition/sync rules (including syncage from
testing and unstable proper), and announce its availability to first

The only point that the project needs to be involved is directly after
the wheezy release, where you'll need to convince the release team to
copy testing-rolling to testing proper and unstable-rolling to
unstable.  And even if they don't agree to that, the first adopters
can manually re-upload their packages to the official upload queues.

Actions speak a whole lot loader than words and design by committee is
unlikely to get you anywhere.  And a GR (as mentioned in your blog
post) is overkill and unlikely to be productive anyway.  Look at the
"welcoming new contributors" GR; what did that actually accomplish?
There isn't anything new to show for it, there are no new means to
bring contributors in, and the number of new people hasn't really

So, really what I'm saying is just go for it.  Prove that its
something worthwhile so the project has a basis for adopting it.

Best wishes,

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