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Re: limits for package name and version (MBF alert: ... .deb filenames)

On 26/04/2011 01:50, Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> [...]
> Anyway - Summing up what I'm saying here, tags have a clear meaning: A
> point where upstream wants us to base our efforts at, mid-devel-cycle
> breakage should be at a minimum. So, instead of basing our packages
> off arbitrary commit hashes, why not basing them off tags? I do not
> believe it is unreasonable to request upstreams to do some tagging...

Because, some times, upstreams don't release at all. See clutter-sharp for a
good example of an upstream with not a single tag or release. For the record,
I've requested an actual release multiple times before falling back upon
packaging a git snapshot.

For other times, perhaps there is a reason to want a pre-release snapshot in the
Debian archive, perhaps because there is a fix committed in upstream git that
fixes an RC bug in Debian but is near impossible to backport. Or perhaps there
are a series of fixes that have not been released yet for reasons unrelated to

Honestly, although I gravitate towards the tarball releases (which are tagged),
I can think of any number of reasons for an upstream snapshot to be necessary.

Kind regards,
Loong Jin

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