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Re: limits for package name and version (MBF alert: ... .deb filenames)

On Sat, Apr 23, 2011 at 03:06:39PM +0100, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> I would like to see policy forbid the use of commit hashes in versions.
> They aren't ordered,

This seems like an odd reason to forbid them; should one also
forbid strings such as 'pre', 'rc', 'lenny', 'squeeze' in version
numbers also because they aren't ordered? Clearly they should only be
used some way towards the right-hand end of the version number, with
appropriate additional ordering hints before them, so that no
false ordering is inferred, but that's a very different matter.

Maybe policy should instead recommend explicitly that such ordering
hints should accompany hashes.

> and the information about exactly which commit the
> snapshot was can be included in the changelog.

True, but since git revisions can actually do much the same thing as
the other typical components of a version string; that is, uniquely
identify the set of changes making up a code archive, the version
string does sound like the best place to put this sort of information.

> Mercurial revision numbers should not be used either as they are not
> consistent between repositories (they really were a stupid idea in a
> distributed VCS).

That does sound like a good reason to discourage use of Mercurial
revision numbers.


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