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Re: network-manager as default? No!

Fernando Lemos <fernandotcl@gmail.com> writes:
> On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 6:50 PM, Felipe Sateler <fsateler@debian.org> wrote:
>> Preparing to replace network-manager (using .../network-
>> manager_0.8.3.999-1_amd64.deb) ...
>> Unpacking replacement network-manager ...
>> Setting up network-manager ( ...
>> Reloading system message bus config...done.
>> Stopping network connection manager: NetworkManager.
>> <oooops, wifi connection gone>
>> Starting network connection manager: NetworkManager.
>> Processing triggers for man-db ...
> As it was said before (*multiple* times, unfortunately), that's
> expected.

For the record: *I* don't expect it, since this behaviour is completely
unnecessary and only a result of bad design.  Leaving wpa_supplicant
running on stop and re-interfacing with it on start would be simple to
do if you wanted to fix this bug.

But it's of course always much easier to claim that it's not a bug at
all.  Pigs can fly.  The moon is made of green cheese.  etc.

> Your *wired* connection won't go down...

Why not?  That seems very inconsistent.  How do I know which interfaces
I should expect to go down?  Any interface without a wire?  Can I make
the wlan interface stay up if I use a longer antenna cable?  Why not? 

Only a Network Manager developer can possibly know what to expect of
Network Manager...


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