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Warm up discussion about desktop files [Was: Lintian check for missing desktop files?]


DPL asked us to increase traffic on devel - so I'd like to warm up
a recent discussion

On Sat, Mar 05, 2011 at 04:22:01PM -0800, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         Fair enough. Would you, then, be satisfied by my answer that
>  they are used? I am a current real life user of fvwm, and I am on the
>  mailing lists for the fvwm project with other real life users and
>  developers; and my expeirnces, and the chatter on the list, do not lead
>  me to believe that menus are unused.

As far as I understood [1] fvwm 2.6 now can use XDG menus.  So it might
be that even fvwm users will be happy about desktop files.  Can we now
come back to the discussion whether it might make sense to have desktop
files for desktop applications?

Kind regards


[1] http://lwn.net/Articles/438781/ 


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