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Re: alpha and hppa removal from unstable/experimental

On 10/04/11 20:04, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> I am a mostly dis-interested outsider for both the alpha and hppa
> architectures. I write this to be supportive of the ftpmasters.


> It seems to me that the alpha porters have had quite a lot of time to
> bring the architecture up to the level of quality that is expected from
> Debian ports in the main archive.

Agreed, not only that but once they *do* get it back to release quality
they need to demonstrate that they have the manpower resources to keep
it there. I think that maintaining it properly for at least six months
would demonstrate that they have a viable team.

> The problem of lack of porter manpower
> have affected alpha for much longer than that, of course. Having a
> couple of new people promise to do better is not enough

Agreed, a sensibly sized working team is required.

> (Although, now that I think about it, it's probably hard for alpha to be
> considered a viable architecture, unless there is new hardware being
> produced and sold.)

There needs to be enough reliable hardware available to maintain the
port. Without that the task is impossible.


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