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Re: MBF alert: packages with very long source / .deb filenames

On Sunday 10 April 2011 20:19:42 Toni Mueller wrote:

On Fri, 25.03.2011 at 14:17:06 +0000, Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com>
> If we really want to meet the spec, we should be aiming for < 64
> characters, but that affects 98 packages and I'm not *too* bothered
> about it since testing shows no issues thus far. I'm tempted to file:
>  * serious bugs on the packages over 90 characters
>  * normal bugs on those over 80
>  * wishlist bugs on those over 64
> Thoughts?

just a shot into the dark:

Would it be feasible, or at least possible, to file bug reports with
"upstream" to have the permissible length of filenames officially
extended? I mean, everyone has started to use long file names, haven't

JFTR: xorriso 1.0.6, (with accompanying underling libburnia libraries)
was released yesterday, and hit sid some ten hours ago, features:

-compliance rule (yes, these are options to deviate from the standard)
"joliet_long_names"  Joliet leaf names up to 103 unicode characters
rather than 64.
"joliet_long_paths" Joliet paths longer than 240 characters.
"long_paths" allows ISO file paths longer than 255 characters.
-as mkisofs -joliet-long

(sorry in case of email brokeness, on the road->webmail)

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