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Re: throw away debs and source only uploads

[ Bcc:-ing ftpmasters ]

Time to wrap up the current state of this discussion, at least as far as
I see it.

- going ahead with throw away debs seems to be largely uncontroversial;
  can we haz zem please? :-)

- there seems to be no substantial objections either on the fact the
  source only upload would be fine, as long as they are not the default
  but can be enabled upon request

What's still largely undecided is how uploaders would require a source
only upload. Several presented use cases --- both here on list and in
private replies to me --- show that my proposal, as well as all possible
source-based solutions, are suboptimal. In other words, people seem to
really need per-upload, or even per-batch upload, white listing.

FWIW, I wouldn't like much the idea of introducing yet another list of
people which are allowed to do source only uploads as that would be a
potential bottleneck which seems unwarranted here (at least if you buy
my argument that for what concerns the risk of non-buildable-uploads,
the defaults matter more than strict controls).

How about just relying on "dpkg-buildpackage -S", maybe coupling it with
the need of using "dput -f" (extending a bit the current semantics of
-f) which would refuse to upload a source only binary by default?

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