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Re: time based freezes

[Stefano Zacchiroli, 2011-04-03]
> Road maps


no, I cannot fix & upload (without waiting for sponsoree who has a list
of things to learn/fix) 10+ RFS packages (postponed mostly due to
packaging bugs), deal with increased number of "normal" RFS mails ("I
was working on improving the package for last few weeks, please upload
it now because the freeze will happen this week"), scan thru 500+ team
packages (to check if every transition is done or to upload new upstream
version that fixes annoying bugs or simply to clear team's RFS list /
upload UNRELEASED fixes), complete transitions (which can take some time,
even for small packages like sqlalchemy¹, not even mentioning PITA
python-defaults transitions²)... in one day/week/month (even with "soft"
freeze for the next month)

[¹] which never were announced to release managers (and never will most
[²] hint: python2.5 in Squeeze

> Strict date


most of the work is done by our upstreams, and by simply telling
them "we'll freeze PICK_YOUR_MONTH every even/odd year" will (in the long
term) improve quality of Debian *a lot* more than choosing a random^Wperfect
(and different) date for every release cycle (and not announcing it to
upstream authors *at all*), IMHO
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