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Bug#620722: ITP: drbl -- Diskless Remote Boot in Linux for client machines

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Georges Khaznadar <georgesk@ofset.org>

* Package name    : drbl
  Version         : 1.9.8+27-1
  Upstream Authors : Steven Shiau <steven _at_ nchc org tw>
    Blake, Kuo-Lien Huang Huang  <klhaung _at_ gmail com>
    H. T. Wang <c00wht00 _at_ nchc org tw>
    Ceasar Sun <ceasar _at_ nchc org tw>
    Jazz Wang <jazz _at_ nchc org tw>
    Thomas Tsai <thomas _at_ nchc org tw>
* URL             : http://drbl.sourceforge.net/
* License         : GPL-2
  Programming Lang: Perl, Bash
  Description     : Diskless Remote Boot in Linux for client machines

 DRBL provides a diskless or systemless environment for client
 machines. It works on Debian, Ubuntu, Mandriva, Red Hat, Fedora,
 CentOS and OpenSuSE. DRBL uses distributed hardware resources and
 makes it possible for clients to fully access local hardware. It also
 includes Clonezilla, a partition and disk cloning utility similar to
 Symantec Ghost(TM) or True Image(TM).
 For more details, check 
 1. http://drbl.sourceforge.net (English)
 2. http://drbl.nchc.org.tw (Chinese Big5 - Taiwan) 

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