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Re: Bits from the Release Team - Kicking off Wheezy

On Sat, Apr 02, 2011 at 10:30:43PM +0100, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> On Sat, 2011-04-02 at 23:07 +0200, Bjørn Mork wrote:
> > Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> writes:
> > > I wonder what amount of features we are missing for network-manager to
> > > do the job; instead of rewriting a daemon from scratch,
> > 
> > A daemon will never be able to replace ifupdown.  
> ifupdown will never work correctly.

ifupdown works very well for the server use case.  Consider that my
cable line is hooked up to a box that runs a DHCP server, runs a caching
nameserver, and an IPv4-IPv6 tunnel using the sit* interfaces.
/etc/resolv.conf should use the local nameserver information, not
whatever my ISP provides.  According to the package description, when
using DHCP, network-manager does whatever it pleases.  That's not okay.

network-manager does not support the sit* interfaces, last I checked.
It has significantly more dependencies.  My server does not need
wpasupplicant installed.  It certainly does not need policykit anything,
not even a shared library.  It also leaves unused interfaces running,
which on my laptop causes long delays when using libpam-krb5 as the
attempt to contact the KDC times out.

Also, what happens if network-manager crashes?  You're introducing
failure cases that are not needed.  ifupdown doesn't have that failure

I admit that I use network-manager on my laptop.  It's very convenient
for that use case.  It is completely inappropriate for a server: the
package description even says so.

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