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Re: dh_shlibdeps warnings concerning undefined OpenMP symbols

On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 09:35:49PM +0200, Dmitry Katsubo wrote:
> KiBi, thanks for the hint. It turned out that libgomp is not listed as
> direct dependency of my library. Does it mean I have to put "gcc-4.4"
> into debian/control -> Depends and add "-lgomp" to LIBS explicitly
> during the linking stage?

You do need -lgomp.  You should not need gcc-4.4 in Build-Depends unless
your package will not build on any other version (which is a very bad
bug), since gcc is build-essential and therefore already installed.  You
certainly should not need it at runtime.

> Another problem that arises here:
> I autodetect OpenMP support using AC_OPENMP() autoconf macro. So if
> OpenMP is detected, then it is used, otherwise - not (optional enabled
> by default dependency). How to play correctly in this situation?

If gcc 4.3 or higher is installed it should already contain the .so
symlink that you need, so simply compile it as normal.  No extra
build-dependencies are needed.

> libgraphicsmagick3 is also compiled with OpenMP support
> (/usr/lib/libGraphicsMagick.a has omp_get_* and GOMP_* symbols
> undefined), however it does not depend on "gcc-4.4".

Again, you don't need to depend on gcc.  Your package will probably have
a dependency on libgomp1, but that will be automatically added if

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