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Re: Mirror problems?

>> git clone https://ftp-master.debian.org/git/archvsync.git> 
>> Easy enough to keep updated.
> The point is that every now and then somebody decides to rewrite
> and as a mirror admin i need to find out how the current way will
> work, the current configuration looks like and how to fit it
> into the monitoring. Its a little annoying that every year somebody tries
> to invent the wheel again ... 

There havent been all that many "every now and then" rewrites.
AFAIK this is the first big one which phased out the old sh*t
anonftpsync. And then, this one is the one officially supported by
Debians mirroradm group... I don't believe there is a rewrite of this
coming and any big changes done since this exists have taking PAINS to
keep old setups of it working without needing changes from the admin
(unless you want to use a  new feature).

> What happened to anonftpsync anyway ...

That was basically broken sh*t and so it went away when ftpsync came...

And for those who want this as a package: Go and do it. Have fun. There
won't be any blocker from us, it is just that neither I nor
(appearantly) anyone else in the mirroradm group has seen any reason to
put our time into it. First, it is distributed on every Debian mirror in
project/ftpsync/, (besides the git repo you can use if you want) second
a package would be a lot of pain for small gain: Many Debian mirrors
don't even use Debian as there system. And then those that do use Debian
use stable usually (or even oldstable), meaning you have to put every
update inside there. Good luck, it's not something I want to do.

bye, Joerg
Some NM:
>  3. How do you manage new upstream releases?
yes i manage them.

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