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Re: Ruby changes for Wheezy

[Josselin Mouette, 2011-03-06]
> Le samedi 05 mars 2011 à 00:22 +0100, Piotr Ożarowski a écrit : 
> > > Breaks: python (>= 2.8), python (<< 2.5)
> > 
> > yeah, that's to avoid bug reports when someone will try to use this
> > package with (default) python 2.4 or python 2.8 (which will NEVER be
> > released, BTW). dh_python2 will create similar dependencies to those
> > generated by dh_py{central,support} if Breaks: ${python:Breaks} is
> > missing in debian/control (I like Breaks because... that's what
> > Breaks is for)
> You might “like” Breaks, but this:
>     Depends: python
>     Breaks: python (>= 2.8), python (<< 2.5)
> has the same semantics as:
>     Depends: python (>= 2.5), python (<< 2.8)

Yes it does; if you will not add ${python:Breaks} in debian/control,
that's what dh_python2 will generate actually.

Packages with public modules do not really care about default Python
version usually so why should they depend on python package¹?

> except that APT deals *much* better with Depends than it does with
> Breaks.
> What is the point of doing that?

Breaks will warn user if an upgrade of python can break some scripts with
/usr/bin/python in shebang, but python-foo packages can still be usable so
I prefer Breaks (because it's easier to override). If APT doesn't deal
well with Breaks, please report bugs against APT (with patches if
possible :)

[¹] if package ships .py files, there's a dependency on python package
due to pycompile/pyclean scripts, but if package is providing .so files
only, there's no need for "python" in Depends
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