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Re: udev keeps device label - BUG?

> Try dosfslabel instead of mlabel.  If that works, report a bug in
> mtools.  If not... I don't know.
> Ben.

Hi Ben,

I tried dosfslabel, just as you told me. It is possible, to add a new label to 
the device, which is then seen by the system.

So far this will work for very fine for me, when I need a label. 

The strange thing is, when I delete the label given with dosfslabel (usimng 
mlabel), the former label reappears. THIS is REALLY strange. I found no way, 
to clear the label with dosfslabel. Is is it posible, to add this function in 
one of the next versions? Would be nice, as you already fixed the issues in 
dosfslabel, that mlabel does not cover yet, as you told. Just an idea...

So far, dosfslabel will be a well workaround for me. Thanks for it!

Best regards


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