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Unofficial Debian Monthly Testing Snapshot Release (version 2011.03 final)

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce the very first unofficial Debian monthly
testing snapshot release (version 2011.03). It is currently available
in two flavors as mini iso images (for i386 and amd64 at 16 MiB each)
downloadable from:

These files can be written to CD or DVD media or directly to a USB
stick. Instructions for USB installation can be found here:

IMPORTANT: There will be no inherent security support for these
snapshot releases.  The images do automatically set up testing-security
as an apt source during installation, so any DTSA's (Debian Testing
Security Advisories) will be automatically applied to snapshot
installations. However, the security team does not issue many updates
this way anymore (optioning instead to primarily use unstable uploads
as a means to fix testing). This is an area that could potentially be
improved if there are volunteers interested in this problem. For more
information on current testing security processes, see:

Ideally for those wishing to have a mostly security supported system,
the snapshot media will simply be a reliable stepping stone for
installation followed by an upgrade to testing proper, which does
receive quasi-official support from the security team (i.e. uploads to
unstable that transition to testing).

Note that this is an unofficial project since it does not come with the
backing or support from Debian as a team, but hopefully that will
change in the future as the concept is proven out.

This message is being limited only to the debian-devel list to
(hopefully) keep the load on existing resources small for now, and to
determine whether a more robust hosting solution will be necessary for
future releases.  This also provides a chance for feedback and
contributions from the devel community before attempting to target a
wider audience.  Please keep in mind that this is an unofficial
test/development release before spreading the word too much.

Anyway, enjoy!  And send feedback to cut-team@lists.alioth.debian.org.

Best wishes,

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