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Re: Lintian check for missing desktop files?

On Fri, Mar 04, 2011 at 06:52:39PM -0800, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> > I was a fan of fvwm for years and I even have configured my xfce with
> > fvwm keycodes to have the same handling.  However, if you ask me the
> > typical fvwm user (if something like this exists at all) is most
> > probably ignoring the menu and has rather configured his environment
> > to fire up applications via key codes or fires up an xterm and types
> > the command for an application.  So while I do not really want to
>         I would be surprised if that were indeed the case.  If you look
>  at the exemplar configuration file providedat fvwm.org, there is
>  extensive use of menus -- and for non debian folk, yes, they tend to
>  manually hard code application paths in menus; for Debian folks
>  upstream even ships the default system.fvwm2rc with:
> Test (f  /etc/X11/fvwm/menudefs.hook) + "Debian Menu" Popup /Debian
> Test (f  /etc/X11/fvwm/menudefs.hook) + "Re-read System Menu" Read "/etc/X11/fvwm/menudefs.hook"
> Test (f  /etc/X11/fvwm/menudefs.hook) + "Update My Debian Menu" PipeRead 'update-menus &&  echo "Read $./menudefs.hook"'

I do not question that these files *exist*.  I simply question that they
are *used* in real life.
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