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Re: Disable ZeroConf: how to ?

> However, could we please end the FUDfest? This thread seems to be quite
> unconstructive, with unspecific claims of security problems, unwarranted
> slurs on users based on their operating system, and accusations on
> Debian developer's attitudes. If there is an actual problem, explain

I totally agree, it is certainly not wise to accuse/allege/propgate fud.
I also think it is much better to look for articles on the internet that
might help you better understand. As with opensource it is very difficult
to maintain a document for a long period of time. But certainly usefull
as pointer to usefull information into the manpages. Though I am not an
expert of ZeroConf but found a usefull article into zeroconf. I am much more
an Avahi fan than an ZeroConf fan.


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