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Re: building crafty (non-free) automagically

On 01.03.2011 18:24, Philipp Kern wrote:
> Needs-Build means that no builder has come around to build it yet.  This
> includes reasons like "because non-free's not important, it's only built
> when there's nothing else to do" (see mips*) and "there are no non-free
> autobuilders for $arch" (see the others).

OK, I didn't know. Will there be auto-builders for non-free in the future?

>> On: armel the message is: Not-For-Us, so I assume, that crafty is banned
>> here.
> There you'd want to mail armel@buildd for a nfu drop, if you think it's
> buildable on that arch.  (nfu indicates that at one point it didn't.)

I did as you suggested.

> In general debian-wb-team@lists.d.o sounds like a better contact address
> than d-devel@.  The page you linked shouldn't be used anymore[*],
> instead https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=crafty also has
> the right contact address (albeit it talks about the (web) pages only,
> I think that should be fixed).

I always use the PTS and this links first to


and only as the second link to:


Thanks for the quick reply,


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