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Re: What bug reports are for

Hi, Don:

En fecha Martes, 1 de Marzo de 2011, Don Armstrong escribió:
> On Tue, 01 Mar 2011, Jesús M. Navarro wrote:
> > Is *that* Debian's official position? That the bug report system is
> > not there to offer a service to Debian users?
> The BTS exists to help maintainers fix and track fixed bugs in their
> packages. The service to users comes from the BTS enabling maintainers
> to fix their bugs.
> While it's certainly not optimal, closing bugs which are
> unreproducible or incomplete are sometimes necessary because we do not
> have an infinite amount of maintainers to fix bugs.

Certainly my fault for not being able to make myself clear enough: of course 
it's OK to close unreproducible/incomplete bugs, specially if the bug tracking 
system allows to close them as such.  But only after due dilligence to really 
be able to asses them as such.

I.e.: I don't have any problem with a bug being answered by its maintainer in 
a line something like "in order to be able to reproduce this bug I need you to 
provide me with foo and bar.  Failing that I'll close it in 30 days with Zoot 
status" (of course being "foo and bar" something sensible, not just a way to 
take it from over my roof).

> If there are
> people who feel strongly about helping to get these unreproducible or
> incomplete bugs in a state where someone can actually resolve them,
> then please, form a crew, and start working on them. Feel free to let
> owner@bugs.debian.org know how you want to know about these bugs if
> you need some additional features in the BTS. We certainly could use
> more bug triagers.

That's a worthy idea.  I'll take a time to think about it.


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