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Re: enable/disable flags in /etc/default

On Saturday 26 February 2011 21.44:07 Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> I'd like us to decide on a policy about enable/disable flags in
> /etc/default in general.

+1 on those who don't like to have them.

The init scripts (or whatever) need to

 * provide a sane default for startup order

 * allow users to override this

 * allow for startup of a daemon to be (de)activated persistently 
(persistent over package upgrades, that is.)

 * and the package scripts (pre/postinst on upgrade especially) need to 
respect this (i.e. work in a sane way when the daemon is down, not leaving 
it started if it wasn't started etc.)

 * all documentation needs to be updated so that users finally don't end up 
doing silly things just so that mysql isn't started on boot[1].

I'm sure I forgot some, but I that are the ones I can just think of.

The whole topic shouldn't be Debian specific.  I have no idea, but isn't 
there an LSB or whatever spec?  Where does it fall short?  Who should be 
involved to get something that other distributions could use as well?

-- vbi

[1] Yes, I know, the "mysql needs to be installed for kde but I don't want 
to run it" case has finally been solved.  Similar cases will keep coming up, 
I'm sure...

Nirgendwo fällt Humorlosigkeit mehr auf als beim Lachen.
		-- Oliver Hassencamp

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