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Re: Fwd: Compilation packages - major problem!!

David Joseph P Crowley dijo [Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 12:23:30AM +0000]:
> Thank you very much Goncalo, I'll have to try this now, but im not sure if i
> am allowed to reply to you!
> Ben,
> I  do not develop for debian but I am beginning a career as a software
> engineer using Debian, who knows maybe one day I could ask more advanced
> questions and even contribute!

Just nitpicking a bit ;-)

This list is for Debian develop_ment_, not only for Debian Developers
;-) That means that:

1- If you are interested in working towards advancing Debian, you are
   more than welcome in this list. You don't have to be a Debian
   Developer. Many of the usual participants are not.

2- Even if you were a Debian Developer, if your question is targetted
   at using Debian (even if it were for development of any other
   stuff), you would be kindly directed to a more adequate list.


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