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Compilation packages - major problem!!

Dear Sir/Madam,

I downloaded the Debian/GNU Linux OS stable version onto my 32 bit system. I wish to use it for development purposes but I am having trouble with compiling my .c files, in fact the "gcc" command isn't even working! I read on the Debian website that the command : " # apt-get install glibc-doc manpages-dev libc6-dev gcc build-essential." on the command line should setup a proper environment to complie c programs.  

But I tried this and it didn't work!! it complains that I am not allowed to do this because I am not in root or something . I read also that I should obtain root permission - and a method of doing this was to type "root" into the login prompt - this did not work either!   I don't know how to fix this, what could be wrong? am I missing files , ids this normal?  Help???!!!


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