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Re: discussing upstream software on -devel (Re: Bug#614601: ITP: libsafewrite -- Simple functions for performing safe atomic replacement of files

2011/2/25 Shachar Shemesh <shachar@debian.org>:
>>> and I have been
>>> warned by the list masters that discussing a specific package's upstream
>>> bugs on Debian-devel is off topic.
>> I dont think this is neither true nor what they said. Surely a discussion
>> about upstream bugs can become off-topic on debian-devel though.

I agree with Holger - this thread went rapidly off-topic.

> I'm sorry, Neil, but I'm quoting your message almost in full. Neil Williams
> sent me the following on January 3rd, regarding the previous thread about
> safewrite:

I'm not a listmaster, I made no claim to be a listmaster.

>> Please remember,debian-devel@lists.debian.org  is for discussion
>> between Debian developers about issues within Debian (like problems
>> within groups of packages or with particular tools), it's not intended
>> for individual source code project development.
>> This issue is general filesystem/programming issues, it is not Debian
>> specific.
>> Please can you find / setup a list for this project and move the
>> discussion elsewhere from here on? If you want to keep it within the
>> realm of source code related to Debian, an Alioth mailing list would be
>> better.

That is also still true. There comes a point where an Alioth mailing
list is the place for these discussions. IMHO the original thread got
to that point long before I actually bothered to reply. In future I
won't bother, I'll just kill the entire thread.

> To which I replied that I cannot terminate an already running thread

You could at least have setup the list, CC'd the list on each reply
and asked people to use it. None of those things happened.

>, and
> the setting up a mailing list for a project which is likely to reach
> maturity in a couple of versions is a bit of a waste

Pointless procrastination. One extra quiet mailing list on Alioth is
no burden. I've got about six which might become useful again in the

>, but that I'll try to
> wind down the discussion thread. I'm assuming that his lack of response
> indicates that he found my answer satisfactory.

A lack of reply is no indication of anything. It does not indicate my
satisfaction, it merely indicates that I didn't get around to writing
a reply as I had more useful things to do off-list which directly
relate to Debian development.

On that topic, I'm going to go back to useful work and once again mark
this thread - and possibly all future posts related to this software -
as junk. If you wish to try to prolong the pain, I may find it
necessary to apply the same mark to all email from you. Please find
something more useful to do.


Neil Williams

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