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Re: Request for Comments: Planned removal of ddrescue

* Antonio Diaz Diaz [Fri Feb 18, 2011 at 05:58:22PM +0100]:
> Michael Prokop wrote:

>> I'm the maintainer of the ddrescue and gddrescue packages.
>> I plan to drop the ddrescue package.

> IMHO dropping the gddrescue package and moving GNU ddrescue to the  
> ddrescue package (replacing dd_rescue) is the least confusing solution  
> for the users in the long term.

> I suppose such replacement may be complicated and create a lot of  
> problems in the short term, but I still think it is the best solution in  
> the long term.

Ok, I'll think about that.

> I guess many people expect to find GNU ddrescue in the ddrescue package,  
> and if this package is dropped they may wrongly conclude that Debian does 
> not provide GNU ddrescue instead of searching for the, unknown to them, 
> gddrescue package.

Valid point.

> And as 1) the executable names are different, and 2) ddrescue is mainly  
> used by humans instead of scripts, maybe the short term problems created  
> by the proposed replacement aren't so serious after all.

Thanks for your feedback, Antonio.


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