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Re: Request for Comments: Planned removal of ddrescue

Hello Mika et all,

Michael Prokop wrote:
I'm the maintainer of the ddrescue and gddrescue packages.
I plan to drop the ddrescue package.

IMHO dropping the gddrescue package and moving GNU ddrescue to the ddrescue package (replacing dd_rescue) is the least confusing solution for the users in the long term.

I suppose such replacement may be complicated and create a lot of problems in the short term, but I still think it is the best solution in the long term.

I guess many people expect to find GNU ddrescue in the ddrescue package, and if this package is dropped they may wrongly conclude that Debian does not provide GNU ddrescue instead of searching for the, unknown to them, gddrescue package.

And as 1) the executable names are different, and 2) ddrescue is mainly used by humans instead of scripts, maybe the short term problems created by the proposed replacement aren't so serious after all.

Best regards,

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