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Re: Release file changes


On Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
>   - lenny is gone and the tools are fixed in squeeze with a point
>     update (provided the SRMs approve such updates, but I *hope* so).

Do I understand correctly that you again plan to break squeeze, this time for 
those who then havent upgraded to that pointrelease?

>     Until today we discovered:
>      * debootstrap (has a patch IIRC)
>      * cdebootstrap
>      * debmirror (fix uploaded)
>      * reprepro
>      * anna
>      * apt-cacher(-ng)
       * fai-mirror (needs confirmation)
       * lots of custom code

>   - wheezy is released. (This is the option I dont really favor, takes
>     ages :) )

I actually prefer this very much over more random breakage in which is 
supposed to be stable. 2 years aint that long.


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