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Re: [buildd-tools-devel] re buildd's resolver and package's build deps

On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 10:40:52PM +0000, Roger Leigh wrote:
> From discussion on IRC earlier this evening, it looks like the most
> pragmatic approach will be to get the apt and aptitude sbuild
> resolvers to strip the alternatives (after arch reduction), which
> will make them behave pretty much exactly like the old internal
> resolver, but without its bugs.  This will leave maintainers free to
> use alternative dependencies, but like now they will be ignored.
> What we can do though, is make the use of alternatives configurable
> in sbuild, so you will be able to make use of them when building for
> other suites e.g. backports.  This will disable the stripping.

I find this acceptable[0].  Thanks for driving this.

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

[0] I didn't agree with the earlier suggestion of telling people to stop
    the use of alternatives instead of using predictable behaviour on
    the resolver side but tried to stay out of the thread.

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