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Re: Release file changes


On Montag, 21. Februar 2011, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Yep. debmirror, reprepro, debootstrap and cdebootstrap seem to be the
> tools that can't deal with this.

fai-mirror came to my mind. And probably older dak setups as well?

> The latter two are serious enough to 
> keep the change away from oldstable forever, and stable at least until
> after next point release, should they get updated there.

There are also people who use the packages as backports on stable+oldstable... 
and those backports dont neccessarily come from debian.backports.org but 
are "homemade".

I'm actually of the opinion that such a change _must not_ be introduced in a 
stable point release.

	Holger, refraining from changing the subject to "hey, let's break stable, 
it's already 2 weeks old.." sigh.

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